Haere Mai

Picture of Hugh near lake Waikaremoana

My name is Hugh Haworth.

I am a web developer from Te Awakairangi (Lower Hutt), Aotearoa (New Zealand). I use PHP and javascript to create accessible, functional web applications.


Plantr - A gardening app

A postgres-backed Laravel application with a full login system and CRUD functionality for managing your vegetables. The app uses modern techniques such as SVGs, Alpine.JS, and responsive design to make for a rich user experience. Here's a link to the source.

Grid Colour Palette Generator

A React application which takes a single hue and provides a grid of options of varying levels of lightness and saturation. Here's a link to the source.

Edoras PHP framework

A mini MVC framework inspired by Laravel. I built this as a lightweight way to organise a PHP application. The framework handles routing, controllers, view templates and authentication. I built tests for the framework using PHP unit.


I write about my work on my developer blog. I've also been known to write articles for CSS Tricks.

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